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Download: Workshop_Presentation2_PDF


Illustrations and sketches exploration/approach to the logo

  • First set of logo approach. I wanted the letterforms to mimic the hexagonal forms found in beehives to tie back to the theme of the app.
  • Having established that the app should take on a friendly, warm and approachable character, I’ve decided to go back and revise my old logo design with rounder aesthetics, and a brighter, livelier colour.
  • I began refining the letterforms to achieve a rounder, friendlier looking identity. I began looking at different ways to frame the logo, how it would look with just the typeface, just the logo, and a combination of the two
  • The bee logo is composed of the letterform “B” and plays on the word “Bee” and the letter “B.” The logo also mimics the form of a pen or pencil to tie back to the productivity features of the app

Information Architecture

I refined the information architecture various times. I began looking at more ways that I can chunk and categorize certain features together

  • began looking at how someone might navigate through the app
  • whether there were areas that could be accessed more than one way
  • overall flow
  • Menu Screen divided into a filters area and the manager area.
  • second part is the task manager area which deals with all the settings behind the filters



  • These look at how the app interface may look like through sorting the viewing options of the filter by ‘Category’ (frame on the left) and by ‘Location’ (Frame on the right).
  • I am focusing on how the participant may need to search for filters in scenarios. In many cases, they may remember the filter name and simply search it alphabetically under the ‘Sort by All’ option.
  • In other cases, they may be in a situation or involved in an activity and search filters based on the ‘Category’ that filter fits under. The app features a list of pre-set categories that the user can group their newly-created filters within.
    • The ’Sort by Category’ would allow the audience to easily find a filter based on their current activity.
  • In a third case, they may search for a filter by ‘Location’ and associate certain filter phone settings with certain environments.
  • Lastly, they may search for a filter based on their schedule, the ‘Sort by Time’ option allows them to recall on filters based on where they fit in their daily or weekly schedule (e.g. Tutoring session every Wednesday Nights activates a certain study mode filter).


  • I would like to incorporate gestures to reveal hidden secondary information in order to de-clutter the amount of buttons in the interface. So an example would reflect the screenshot above. Tap on the Filter once to reveal the pull-down screen of the specs of the filter. Tap on the filter once more to apply it. Tap and hold to bring up the edit filter menu to alter the filter.

Secondary Info

  • I’ve been looking at how I can condense and chunk certain details and secondary information within primary information. So in these last few screenshots, viewing specs of a listed filter requires you to tap the listing once (tap twice to apply the filter). Once tapped, a hidden side-scrolling menu is pushed down and allows the audience to swipe and view things such as location tags, time settings, certain blocklist settings that apply within that filter.


  • The little icon on the top left corner is available on every page you navigate on within the app. Pressing it pulls up a ‘Manager Bar’ that hosts direct links to separate pages across the app

How to create filters

  • many ways that someone can apply a filter
  • self generates it for them based on context and category. smart enough to suggest a set of phone filters that match, allowing them to then go in and edit those settings if necessary


Import of Phone Settings. 

– Things that already exist, using that data and not having them to input it all over again

– understands and grows to understand the way you use your phone over time

  • import contact list from phone and the way you’ve grouped em
  • import website bookmarks
  • import apps on phone and self categorize them

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