Identifying Issues in Communication Technology

  • Mobilizationof communication technology: instant access to the internet on-the-go, wireless technology, pocket devices all enable communication to expand outside of the private sphere and into the public sphere.
    • Accessibility: People are having difficulty unwiring from constant communication and accessibility of information because communication technology is now with them everywhere they go
      • May act as more of a distraction than a tool and can interfere with other tasks at hand. Especially when used excessively in institutions such as work, or school.
      • May prioritize online communication over offline communication. (example: people find themselves constantly connected through communication devices that they are too distracted or ignoring people they are conversing with face to face)
    • Quantity over quality: the large accessibility to communicate and interact with others may mean a division of quality of communication between each person.
  • Digital Divide: (a communication gap between different age groups, countries, groups with different financial backgrounds, etc) created by lack of access, ability or interest in using communication technology

People I want to address: Late teens to young adults

Possible primary research approaches:



Interesting links on communication technology trends:

Ownership of devices: http://pewinternet.org/Static-Pages/Trend-Data-(Adults)/Device-Ownership.aspx

  • There seems to be a notable decline in desktop computers, but rapid increase in mobilized technology such as cell phones, laptops, e-book readers and tablet computers.

What people do online: http://pewinternet.org/Static-Pages/Trend-Data-(Adults)/Online-Activites-Total.aspx

  • Sending and reading email along with using search engines to find information are at the top of the list.

Mobile/Smartphone Trends: http://pewinternet.org/Commentary/2012/February/Pew-Internet-Mobile.aspx



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