Proposal for Self Portrait

Technological advancement has gained a lot of momentum in the past decade and we’re pumping out newer and faster devices and services year after year. Over the last 6-7 years, I’ve acquired and used more devices than the earlier half of my life; Cell phones, computers, laptops, printers, the internet, social media sites, etc. All these things have greatly influenced my lifestyle, including the way I communicate with others and find information. The speed at which I live my life has greatly accelerated with the help of these devices and services and has given me the ability to fill my day with more tasks, get to places quicker, and find information faster.

For my self portrait, I’d like to create an infographic or a timeline in the format of a fold-out poster/pamphlet. It will reflect on the major devices and pieces of technology I’ve acquired or been introduced to over the span of my lifetime. I will be analyzing my lifestyle at different periods of my life as these devices or pieces of technology are introduced in my life. From my early childhood where I didn’t have access to many devices other than the family TV and the home phone, to now – a lifestyle that is paced faster due to my heavy dependency on technology. I will be looking at patterns of how each piece of technology has significantly altered my day to day life and format my information through 3 different categories: communication, information access, sources of entertainment and recreation. The timeline will allow for a direct compare and contrast and easily reflect the gradation of change.

Questions I hope to answer:

How does my current lifestyle, so dominant and revolved around these devices, compare to my earlier years where I didn’t have these devices?

Which areas of my life have these newly introduced devices changed? How are they different from the way I did things in the past?

Compare how my current lifestyle (fast) differs from earlier periods of my life (slow)

  • comment on the pros and cons of todays lifestyle/of earlier lifestyle
  • comment on the consequences of speed of technology
  • needing to find a balance between the two – reflecting upon the Slow Movement’s ideals


Basic sketches and wireframe for fold-out poster




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