Our rate of consumption and our lifestyles are a huge contributing factor to global sustainability and biodiversity.

In this TED talk, Jason Clay lists 15 key commodities (palm oil, cotton, biofuels, sugarcane, pulp & paper, sawn wood, dairy, beef, soy, fish oil & meal, farmed salmon, farmed shrimp, tuna, tropical shrimp, whitefish) that pose the biggest threat (deforestation, over-fishing, pesticide use, soil-use, water-use) to major areas around the world. His solution is confronting the 300-500 Major companies that control 70% of trade in each commodity. “If we work with those companies and change the way these companies work and how they do business, then the rest will happen.”

-“Bringing productivity and efficiency up and consumption down”

-“We need to use less to make more, and once we have that achieved, use less, consume less”

– “Should consumers have a choice about sustainable products?”


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